A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is the Zone -- a post-apocalyptic world where strangeness and confusion are the norm, filled with treasure, danger, exploration and strategic card battles.

Advance through environments filled with deadly anomalies and twisted abominations. Unearth artifacts of incomprehensible power, and use them. Develop your psionic abilities to the limit and blow away your enemies with the power of your mind.

Inspired by games such as Slay the Spire, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and Darkest Dungeon, The Zone seeks to seamlessly blend exploration, deckbuilding, card battles and RPG elements, all with a rich visual-novel-style story crafted by industry veterans (Mount&Blade, The Next World).


  • Gorgeous hand-drawn art
  • Gripping story told in slick visual novel style
  • A wonderul, dangerous world to explore
  • Deep inventory management - Assemble your deck and abilities by carefully choosing your equipment, even changing everything in mid-combat
  • Hundreds of different items and abilities to mix and create your perfect playstyle


This is a pre-alpha gameplay demo to give an impression of what the project is like. If you want to support development, you can wishlist Zone on Steam, keep an eye out for our upcoming Kickstarter, and/or follow and let us know on Twitter! You'll have our eternal thanks.

Install instructions

Unzip file to a location of your choice and run Zone.exe


Zone-1.0-demo.zip 499 MB

Development log


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First of all Mount Blade and Slay The Spire are my favouirite games and i am also game dev making deckbuilding game. I like the game but there is something i must tell. Wandering around map is really messy. You cant use mouse and character is extremely slow. It feels very bad. Lastly I like the battle and inventory system a lot.


Thanks for the kind words! Obviously what you've been playing is a very, very early demo -- almost everything about it is still being worked on, and stuff like the map movement will definitely be polished much more in future.