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Defend yourself against the torches and pitchforks of outrageous fortune -- with golems! Anything you see can be an ingredient, whether it's stone, flesh or the very clouds in the sky. Take what you need from the land, throw it into your cauldron, and turn it into unstoppable creations to terrify all who oppose you! But be quick. You only have a minute or you're dead! Wrapped in a rich story told in visual-novel style, Golem Creation Kit delivers the most fun you've ever had dragging and dropping, right to your screen.

  • Rich 16-bit pixel graphics
  • Subtle, intelligent story
  • Wit, charm and humour
  • Many secrets to uncover


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Couldn't get past Day 4.  Game froze everytime.


This was pretty fun! The big downside is that day 13 (I think?) has a big multiple choice conversation that you have to replay every time you summon the wrong golem type. It's a bit of a downer to go through that conversation about 10 times while trying to scrounge up parts for a new golem. Otherwise, I think I got a good-enough ending, the gameplay isnt enough to push me to get to a perfect ending after two times though, but it's fun enough!


i'm REALLY liking this game. delighted to see on finishing it that i have a whole new game plus mode to explore! this is super polished and fun. let's see if this lady throws me right into the sun