Full Release

After more than a year as a Steam exclusive, Golem Creation Kit is finally getting a full release on

I'm Ryan, the guy who wrote and programmed this game -- with the patient and unflagging support of superb artists, musicians and sound people.

I won't lie, GCK has always been 100% a weird art-house project: Half mysterious-yet-funny visual novel and half off-the-wall minigame. This has caused us to fly under the radar for a while. But I feel like the best indie games are weird art-house projects. Unique visions carried through to their natural conclusion.

If this announcement and the project page aren't enough to convince you, please read a few of the kind words people have said about us on Steam, and see if GCK might be worth your time.

We're also giving it 50% off for the launch, so hey, you can't lose!

It's my fervent hope that the community here will embrace our charming little underdog.

Thank you for reading!

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